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Re: PPC64: G5 & 4k/64k page size

On 13 déc. 2019 08:47, Romain Dolbeau <romain@dolbeau.org> wrote:

> Le jeu. 12 déc. 2019 à 22:40, Andreas Schwab <schwab@linux-m68k.org> a écrit :
>> I'm using 4K pages, in case that matters
> Yes it does matter, as it seems to be the difference between "working"
> and "not working" :-)
> Thank you for the config & pointing out the culprit!

That solved the problem for me.

kernel 5.3.16 build with make-kpkg and the kernel config file from
latest Debian kernel linux-image-5.3.0-3-amd64


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