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Re: regarding 2019-07-16 ppc64 debian sid installer : does grub work there ?

> ... requires the help of "boot hd:,\install\yaboot" or some similar
> hack to get going ?

I didn't try that installer. Both my PowerMacs are using yaboot, I
haven't tried grub/ieee1275.
yaboot works well and is well documented, so it should be okay either way.

> I wanted to see if the most recent linux kernel sources are actually slightly broken
> on the old ppc64 IBM970 chips in the G5 type units.

If by 'G5 type units' you mean powermacs, then yes. When I tracked down my bug,
I did check the newest kernel at the time, and the bug was still here :-(

If you mean another type of machine using ppc970, I'd like to know the
result as well.


Romain Dolbeau

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