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Re: Status of OpenGL on Mac


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 9/18/19 8:14 PM, Riccaro Mottola wrote:
first, I noticed something very strange: if I connect remotely to the PowerBook, then set DISPLAY :0 which shows things on the screen, glxgears run!

Running GL applications through X forwarding is completely different than
running them locally. When going over the network, there is no DRM and
hardware acceleration. You can take this as a measure.

Also, if GL would support rendering over the network, it would most likely happen on the server (in X speech, i.e. the machine you are connecting from) and not the PowerBook. But again, DRM does not work over the network.

perhaps I explained myself wrong, I was too quick:
- I conntect remotely
- I launch X11 on the PowerBook
- I set DISPLAY to :0

this means glxgears is run on the PowerBook (local X server on PPC) , not on the remote computer ("remote) server", it is *not* displayed over the network and draws full speed (about 70fps).
It is a convenient way to debug things and write emails from another system.

This is also why I wonder that it works (other applications still to not work, but I want the simplest example to work first).

As soon as I am home and have access to my laptop again, I will give you the remaining information you asked.
I will also compare glxinfo information and see what it says.


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