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Re: PowerBook X11 mouse issues

Hi Bertrand,

Bertrand Dekoninck wrote:

Hi Riccardo !
I'm still running Jessie, but I never encountered this on my powerbook. I'm rluctant to upgrade for now, since it really works like a charm with Jessie.
Which model do you have ?

I got a PowerBook 17" Aluminium, should be one of the latest models I think
I checked and much of the hardware are very similar to my iBook G4, the Wireless card is the same with the same revision.
However, I can have 2GB of ram, which I need for ArcticFox.

I just retried Sunday and I did not get this issue: I had the external mouse attached, the internal touchpad got disabled and X11 was usable. This might be a temporary workaround. Instead, attaching the mouse later, had both touchpad and mouse active and the cursor jumped around.


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