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Re: Removing powerpcspe from Debian Ports


On 5/15/19 9:59 AM, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
> Is it possible to compile the PowerPCSPE packages with an older version of GCC in the future?

The problem is that gcc-8 is eventually going to be removed from Debian
unstable and more and more packages are going to pull in gcc-9 in one
way or another.

It's also not just gcc but also glibc and openjdk and many other packages
which need attention. It currently all falls back to me and James and we
simply don't have the manpower and resources to fix all these problems,
especially with gcc upstream going away for PowerPCSPE.

So, if PowerPCSPE is supposed to have a chance, someone needs to fix the
gcc backend and reintroduce it upstream and also fix glibc and openjdk.


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