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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-20


On 4/27/19 23:39, roberto.guardato wrote:
here are results of some tests carried out on the same hardware as above:
i was able to complete the installation by selecting always proposed
If i change the system language to italian is not possible to complete
installation of the boot loader (grub).

That'd be an interesting issue.

In attach syslogs of the tests performed.

I compared the two syslogs and it looks like the amount of RAM has
changed between the two runs (5 GiB for "ita" and 4 GiB for "eng"). If
you didn't change the amount of memory of your machine between the runs,
then it could be that some of your memory modules are flaky. Before
continuing you should maybe first check each pair of memory modules
separately and only use those that are considered good by the machine.
The service source for your mid 2004 type 7,3 gives the following debug
info for POST:

* 1 Flash: No RAM is installed or detected.
* 2 Flashes: Incompatible RAM types are installed.
* 3 Flashes: No RAM banks passed memory testing.

With more than one pair installed, the machine might come up with the
flaky memory disabled or enabled, with the latter being the more
problematic case I think, as you're then using potentially bad memory.

If all pairs test good, either remove the one that makes up the last 1
GiB (assuming the machine can only deactivate a complete pair) or just
use one of the two other pairs.


I also checked the text files with the command output I requested. The
one from `cat /proc/partitions` looks OK, assuming your system disk is
`/dev/sdb`. But the one for `partmap /dev/sdb` yields `loop` which is
totally strange.

I seem to remember that the partitioning step sometimes does not
overwrite an existing "disk label" even if it is not compatible with the
target machine - not sure though how to create a label that is
identified as "loop" by partmap. So could it be that the used disk was
already pre-labeled? To clear that, try `dd if=/dev/zero
of=/dev/<DISK_DEVICE> bs=4M count=128`.

OTOH as your second try worked - not sure why though - you could just
try with Italian and the very same disk a second time. The disk label
should be correct now. Maybe now it will just work?


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