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Re: Could use an explanation why Debian after Wheezy doesn’t work on eMac G4 out of the box. Tried running Debian ports Sid, but boots to a black screen.


Unfortunately, for the final(?) release of yaboot, the maintainers
decided to lower the load address. This broke yaboot for some Apple
hardware. And unfortunately, Debian (after wheezy) has been including
that broken yaboot. A manually patched version of yaboot that restores
yaboot to the original load address has been included in the latest
image. Please try this:


John Ogness

On 2019-04-22, Alex McKeever <alex.mckeever@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Subject says it all. Don’t have this problem with FreeBSD, but then
> again I wouldn’t have the packages issue that FreeBSD has with
> Fienix’s repository.

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