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GRUB Error on 04-12 Images

Hi all,

I tried the 04-12 images today, and manually partitioned the disk to this:

Sda2, 1mb NewWorld partition

Sda3, 1gb Ext2 partition mounted at /boot. Noatime.

Sda4, 20gb Ext4 partition mounted at /. Noatime.

Sda5, 5gb swap

Sda6, 94gb Ext4 partition mounted at /home. Noatime.

Installation goes well, then GRUB fails to install, giving the same message we've always seen.

Here's what syslog says:

Mk-hfs-bootstrap: the HFS bootstrap partition couldn't be found. Cannot continue! Exiting.
Main-menu: cat: can't open /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=SDB/string of numbers/mountpoint: no such file or directory
WARNING**: Configuring grub-installer failed with error code 1

I suspect it has to do with the noatime mount points, although this has never happened before. Unless, of course, this is GRUB specific.

I'll try again without them...

Thanks all,

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