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Re: 2019-04-11 netinst for ppc64 is nearly perfect flawless beautiful

On 4/12/19 7:08 AM, swamprock wrote:
> Did you have any luck installing GRUB? I still get the same error message as with the 4/9/2019 image. Unfortunately, I blew out the install before I could grab the install log. My mistake. I’ll try again and see if the error pops up again, and grab the log this time...
We need the log files and also need to know which machine you are
installing on, which image you are using (powerpc or ppc64) and
which installation steps you made (rough explanation is enough).

Unless we know your details, it is impossible to track down where the
issue is. However, we know that the GRUB installation should work on
CHRP machines and PowerMacs. We haven't done any work on Pegasos or
similar hardware yet (I do have Pegasos II machines at home for
that matter).


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