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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-09

On 4/10/19 08:50, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 4/10/19 4:53 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
/usr/lib/grub-installer/mkhfs-bootstrap.sh: Permission denied

Frank, I suggest invoking your script with "sh -c", could you test this

--- grub-installer~     2019-04-06 00:03:33.153827119 +0300
+++ grub-installer      2019-04-10 09:48:57.414750733 +0300
@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@
-      /usr/lib/grub-installer/mkhfs-bootstrap.sh || exit 1
+      sh -c '/usr/lib/grub-installer/mkhfs-bootstrap.sh' || exit 1
        offs=$(findfs /boot/grub)
        [ -n "$offs" ] || error "GRUB requires that the OF partition is mounted in /boot/grub" 1>&2

Sure - I'll test and force push that change.

I tested that change with [1] in "normal" installation mode and it still
complains with "permission denied". It works through though, when I make
"mkhfs-bootstrap.sh" executable. I then tested with a "real" sh locally
and it behaves the same. It works with just `sh '[...]'` and
`mkhfs-bootstrap.sh` without execute permissions.

So I now included a modified change (without ` -c`,) rebased to current
master of the upstream branch and force pushed it to my feature branch
on salsa.d.o. The MR is at [2].


[2]: https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/grub-installer/merge_requests/2


But I actually wonder why `mkhfs-bootstrap.sh` doesn't get installed
with execute permissions, because the `grub-installer` script retains
its execute permissions when installed and both have the same
permissions in the git repo:

$ git ls-files --stage
100644 73f5c0c91ba0109194c4f93e11a5d595239f7ba4 0	ensure-active.c
100644 412e97a77e86deeb6106ddbddacaf9714e039aa1 0	functions.sh
100755 41a979c9dd3b52a5917fd3dde94d9c4cc3630ff3 0	grub-installer
100755 4ade2943d4264bcdc6dc9f808457b2e05d56be1c 0	mkhfs-bootstrap.sh
100644 751732c15818372b71f5fc363b54cf95da8b9669 0	otheros.sh
100644 e49f9ac6dbd58be8b8ea533c575a5bb7c102381e 0	prep-bootdev.c

...and I also don't see any specific differences for `grub-installer`
compared to `mkhfs-bootstrap.sh` in `debian/grub-installer.install`,
except for the destination path (`/usr/bin` and
`/usr/lib/grub-installer` respectively).

Any idea where the permissions when installed are actually configured?


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