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Re: What's the status of hfsprogs?

On 12/1/18 18:22, Matti Palmström wrote:
But that should make it possible to have the slightly "hacky" solution to put /boot on a HFS partition, which should be bootable from Open Firmware.

But why should you put `/boot` on a HFS partition? Maybe to directly load a kernel image (e.g. wrapped in a zImage ([1]))?

The usual approach is to put a loader (with more capabilities or less limits than the firmware, although I believe IEEE1275 has not that many limits) in the reach of the firmware (i.e. a HFS partition for NewWorld PowerMacs) and let the loader handle the loading of an OS kernel and such.

[1]: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/powerpc/bootwrapper.txt

Is the solution with only having grub.img more secure,

... "more secure" in what sense?

or is it just to make it easier to change for those who already have systems up and running with yaboot today?

The "GRUB as image solution" was just the first approach I tried. But yes, I also found it easier to just put an additional file on the HFS partition next to yaboot and get it going for initial testing.


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