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Re: Debian on iBook

Hi Mick!

On 07/30/2018 10:01 AM, Mick Bert wrote:
> I subscribed this list beacuse I got an old apple iBook, and I am looking for an operative system to keep it alive.

You're at the right place then if that operating system is Linux.

> Currently a Lubuntu is installed, I am not so much satisfied. I heard somewhere that Debian if perhaps the latest supported distribution for PowerPC architecture, but I realize just now that older processors are not supported any more by the latest stable version.

Yes, the latest stable version of Debian dropped support for 32-Bit
PowerPC. However, you can still install the unstable version of Debian
which should run smoothly on your iBook (at least it does on my iBook G4).

You can fetch the installation image here:

> https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/10.0/powerpc/iso-cd/

Let me know if you run into issues. There have been recently changes
on the server side for PowerPC for which we should build fresh
installation images. But I haven't done this for a while now.

If the installation fails, I have a good reason to finally do that.

> Now comes my question: is there a way to install version 8?

You should install version 10.0.

> Does it worth?
> Are there someone in this list, still using some old apple hardware?

Yes. There are even people running Linux on m68k Apple hardware ;-).


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