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Re: [PATCH 5/5] Adapt grub-install parameters and finally perform GRUB installation. Make CHRP script bootable by OpenFirmware. Configure NVRAM defaults but do not boot automatically.

On 11/14/2017 03:52 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
The first line of the commit message is too long. Please just use a
short summary for the first line, then put the rest of the comment
into a new paragraph separated by a newline.

I now summarized everything in "Perform GRUB installation for newworld targets and configure auto boot" which is just below 72 columns. The `debian/changelog` contains the details.

Automatic boot is currently disabled to allow for easy manual changes in
OpenFirmware in case of any problems during boot. The system will end up
in OpenFirmware after reboot.

Why that?

Originally because I only have a single non-wireless USB keyboard available (used on my main machine) and I wasn't able to get into the OF from my wireless keyboards (used with the test machines). Maybe those wireless keyboards cannot send four keystrokes at once, I don't know. So in case of errors my test machines always returned to the OF after a reboot (without me having to move my non-wireless keyboard between my main machine and the test machines). I thought that maybe other users could have the same problem...

 I assume most people would expect the machine to be able to
boot automatically after installing Linux. It should work as it does
with Yaboot, i.e. the machine boots automatically.

...but now changed it to configure automatic booting.

Seeing that we are adding so many additional functions for NewWorld, it
might be a good idea to have those moved into a separate file which
is sourced in the grub-installler script.

Agreed and we should maybe also check what the d-i maintainers prefer.

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