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Re: PowerPC sid installation - was: Re: New discussion: ppc64 installer -- ext2 /boot partition to keep sabot happy

Hi Richard,

On 10/06/2017 12:44 PM, Richard Kuenz wrote:
Thank you very much for supporting ,

i downloaded the NETINST,

but how can i boot?

i am used to go into OPEN FIRMWARE

at start by pressing ALT+CMD+O+F
there i type

boot cd:,\install\yaboot

supose that with NETINST the procedure is different?

I usually followed the instructions on [1], which propose the following command to boot from CD-ROM:

boot cd:,\\:tbxi

...which should boot any file with the "tbxi" (ToolBox ROM Image according to [2]) type. I'm unsure if this command will actually look into subdirectories of the CD-ROM though. I believe I used this command to install Jessie on my Xserve G4 the last weekend.


It might also work to hit and hold the "C" key on startup or hit and hold the "option" (Alt) key, which will show all bootable media, from which you can choose the CD-ROM and boot (should work with and without mouse).


[1]: http://mac.linux.be/content/booting-open-firmware#CD-ROM

[2]: http://osxbook.com/book/bonus/ancient/whatismacosx/arch_boot.html

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