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Re: Talos™ II Secure Workstation Pre-Order

AFAIK, the US prices are always without taxes.
Don’t forget the import tax, you have to pay. For Germany 19%, if I’m right.

You can try, to let send the POWER9 system from a private person to the EU. But if this fails, you have to pay also a tax penalty, AFAIK.

Additional informations about the system:

- E-ATX (12“ x 13“) mainboard
- With the 3U HSF assemblies, noise is very low.
- Power consumption of the POWER9 is far less than POWER8
- If you buy the Dual CPU bundle, the PSU needs a dual EPS 12V connector
- no mini PCIe slot
- No M2 slot
- 1x OCuLink port (what is this?)
- 6x 4-pin fan connectors on the mainboard
- To provide maximal PCIe bandwidth for all peripherals, each slot is serviced by a dedicated CPU. As such, two CPUs are required to activate all PCIe slots

Important note:
Pre-order is required. They will watching the outcome of this preorder process, i.e. whether there is enough expected demand to expand further into OpenPOWER-based libre-friendly
systems or if they end up going a different direction entirely.

The shipping costs with „United States Postal Service Priority International"
Single CPU bundle: 110$
The whole system cannot be delivered: „Shipper cannot accept package“

I think, I will pre-order the Single CPU bundle :-)

> Am 11.08.2017 um 13:26 schrieb Chaos Wombat <kickgzdv5@use.startmail.com>:
> I'm seeing a price of $2,300 in the U.S.
> But the exchange rate is 1 US dollar = 0.852 euros, so that's only 1959€.
> Is that price including VAT?  If not, they're gouging you.  If so, your government is gouging you.  Either way, have someone in the U.S. order it for you.

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