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Re: Bug#866122: slapd-mtread crash on ppc64{,el} in stretch/sid

Control: tag -1 upstream

Hi Breno,

Today I built Linux 4.12 from upstream source and the test program still crashes. I was looking at your fixes to initialize load_{fp,tm,vec} as well as someone else fixing the CONFIG_ALIVEC typo but none of those have helped.

I did confirm on this kernel that reverting 613036d9 still stops it from crashing. Tomorrow I will try to narrow it down to a specific change. There are only 4 hunks after all (the addition of msr_tm_active cannot be reverted as there are more calls to it now).

It turns out it is _not_ compiler dependent. The test program compiled in a jessie chroot succeeds in that chroot and then crashes if I run the same binary in a stretch chroot. This also means I was wrong about the m{t,f}vsrd instructions being related, as gcc-4.9 doesn't emit them (for this particular program, at least).

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 10:23:40AM -0300, Breno Leitao wrote:
Anyway, this is what I am going to investigate now:

1) If glibc's pthread method is using hardware transactional memory by
default.  I remember that upstream enabled it once and then disabled by

objdump -d libpthread.so.0 output apparently lists some tbegin/tend instructions, but I suppose those could be selected at runtime?


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