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Re: Bug#852811: marked as done (udev: Doesn't start after upgrade powerpc)

Dear powerpc porters,

it would be great if you could look at

From a cursory glance it seems that seccomp support is broken on ppc64.
Your input would be appreciated.

Am 27.01.2017 um 16:21 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Am 27.01.2017 um 15:54 schrieb Christian Marillat:
>> #MemoryDenyWriteExecute=yes
>> #RestrictRealtime=yes
>> #RestrictAddressFamilies=AF_UNIX AF_NETLINK AF_INET AF_INET6
>> But I see others problems after a reboot :
> There are quite a few services which use seccomp features to restrict
> the service. systemd-udevd is just one of them. So if seccomp is broken,
> the output you get is expected.
> Christian, I think it's best if you approach the ppc64 porters about
> this. We need their input regarding seccomp support on that architecture.

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