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Re: diffutils FTBFS on ppc64el

Santiago Vila wrote...

> Are you sure we need a super-fast computer and not a super-slow one?

There is no lack of super-slow computers so this would have been noticed
earlier ... on the other hand, recent ppc64 boxes can be really, really
fast. Where "fast" has many aspects, and there might be something
different on this arch so this race was never seen anywhere else.

> We would need either the diff line to be fast, or alternatively the head line
> to be slow, right?

My wild guess: The fork system call is faster than usual while execve is
slower. Also, the diff program is already in the caches, while head
perhaps not.

It was interesting to learn what actually happens. I could experiment a
bit but I bet this isn't quite covered by DMUP.

> Anyway, I'll forward this upstream and will add an extremely
> conservative "sleep 1".



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