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Re: Release Architectures for Debian 9 'Stretch'


On 31/10/2016 18:44, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
I am not a DD, or a DM, but I have certainly helped fix problems for
powerpc, including in language runtimes for languages I don't use.
Unfortunately it seems the upstream for most things don't care much for
anything other than x86 and arm these days which makes it harder for
other architectures to stay working.

since I am "upstream" for certain software I assure that I do care. Actually I am one of the persons who tested GNUstep stuff on PPC. I know of other people happily using GNUstep on PPC. To do that, I need a usable operating system of course... up to know it was debian. What could it be int he future? Perhaps not all upstream counts and we don't even need al possible packages on PPC. But it is still possible today to have a ncie usable desktop setup.

This Debian decision will make a dim future for PowerPC developers, not just users: a chicken-egg problem.


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