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Re: retrieving passwords

Le 29/10/2016 à 22:07, Klaus Becker a écrit :
On samedi 29 octobre 2016 21:11:25 CEST Klaus Becker wrote:

I installed Debian 8 on an Ibook G4 but I forgot passwords.

I know how to create a new password with grub, but not with yaboot. Is there
any way or do I have to reinstall the system?

Is it possible while using the installation CD at http://cdimage.debian.org/

I installed Debian there is a long time, I did not use the macbook and I
forgot a lot. Will the macbook boot on the CD or is there any manipulation

nice we

Meanwhile I downloaded the above image and I tried to boot on it by:

- alt-pomme-o-f

- boot cd:,\install\yaboot

I get the message " Can't open device or file".


Hi Klaus,

Did you give a try by pushing "c" key to boot on the cd ?
Otherwise with "option" key (alt) in order to display all booting capable media.



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