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Re: Bug#842513: vlc: immediate crash on launch on powerpc

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On 29/10/16 23:00, Robert Ou wrote:
> Package: src:vlc
> Version: 2.2.4-7
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,
> I decided I wanted to test the performance of Debian PowerPC on my
> ancient iMac, and I discovered that vlc will immediately crash with an
> illegal instruction right after showing the "Privacy and Network Access
> Policy" window and before showing the main window. The crashes look like
> the following:
> [ 1560.952016] vlc[997]: unhandled signal 4 at 0ea48f58 nip 0ea48f58 lr 0ea48f4c code 30001

As powerpc is a release architecture, this bug is RC.

I tried running vlc on partch. It managed to get further, but then
segfaulted inside QT so it's probably a separate issue. I also had to
run it in xvfb so it probably gets different results.

Specifically what powerpc hardware do you have? Could you run vlc within
gdb to determine which instruction it SIGILLs on (try 'layout asm')?

Can a powerpc porter help here?


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