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Re: Supported Hardware ?

Στις 24-10-2016, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 09:45 -0400, ο/η Lennart Sorensen
> Running powerpc with the 64bit kernel is probably the best bet for
> those.
> At least the 6500 is supposed to be able to run little endian as far
> as
> I know, but I don't think it can run ppc64el.  The altivec part is
> big
> endian only though.

It cannot run ppc64el, that one includes VSX in the ABI by default,
which 6500 lacks. Also, its altivec part )saw it as Altivec 2
somewhere) by FSL (with extra instructions), is also different than
plain altivec supported by other IBM cpus. So, code tuned for 6500's
altivec unit won't even run on big-endian IBM cpus. Good job,


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