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Re: Debian 8.6 fails startup for Apple PPCs

On 10/15/16 3:11 PM, Herminio Hernandez, Jr. wrote:
> I  run Debian on a PowerBook G4, iBook G4, PM G4 MDD, and PM G5. I
> have not seen that error before. What graphics card are you using?

The G3 is an iBook. From http://everymac.com I see the card is an ATI
Mobility Radeon 7500 (2X AGP) with 32 MB of SDRAM

The G4 Gigabit computer has a AGP ATI Radeon 9600 256MB Mac Pro card.
This is an after market card.

The G5 iMac has ATI Radeon 9600 with 128 MB of DDR SDRAM (AGP 8X
support). Again per everymac.com listing.

Of course the G3 and G5 are factory as they can not be changed out. Only
the G4 has another card then factory.

So it would appear everything is Radeon and  I think there is a big
problem with ATI cards and this version of Debian. If I recall, but I
have not searched the archives of this list.


> On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 1:12 PM, Kristen <kristen@atmyhome.org> wrote:
>> List,
>> I am wondering if the Apple PowerPC line of computers are still
>> supported in Debian? I have tried to use a netinstall of Debian 8.6.0 on
>> a G3 iBook, a G4 MP, and a G5 iMac and all have failed in the same manner.
>> The install appears to progress wonderfully. However after the initial
>> reboot the system fails with a message reading "Oh no! Something has
>> gone wrong.". If I click the button to "Log out" I am given only a blank
>> black screen. The virtual terminals also fail to respond. I suppose I
>> can SSH in if I hunt for the IP address assigned via DHCP.
>> Any thoughts about this?
>> Kristen

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