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Re: Bug#840666: firebird3.0: FTBFS on powerpc, segfaults during build

-=| John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, 13.10.2016 21:30:14 +0200 |=-
> On 10/13/2016 09:29 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> > It has to be added to the script template in build/posix/vers.sh.in. I'm
> > attaching a complete debdiff which fixes the issue for me in powerpc. I
> > have also opened two PRs upstream, these also include patches for m68k
> > and an additional patch.

Great. Thanks!

> PS: If you agree, I can NMU the fixed package using the patch I just 
> posted right away to fix the bug :).

I'll upload soon (hours) anyway because of a fix for kfreebsd.

-- Damyan

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