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Re: CPU requirements for powerpc

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 08:20:29AM +0000, luigi burdo wrote:
> Please, do not build the distro with altivec enabled or will cut compatibility with all powerpc emb systems
> Freescale,  Amcc and so and so .
> In my case i have a dual 5020 and a quad core 5040 system and everytime apps or system command have altivec instruction inside the program crash.
> there is not an altivec emultation working inside the linux kernel.

An emulation of Altivec is not worth it.

Performance would be abysmal, since Altivec is only used when 
large vectors have to be processed, i.e.,  when the performance 
advantage is worth the complexity of vectorization.

The solution night be to have copies of libraries in separate
directories loaded depending on whether Altivec is supported.
There is a standard mechanism for that AFAIR. 


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