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Re: PowerPC roadmap for Stretch

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 1:35 PM, Christoph Biedl
<debian.axhn@manchmal.in-ulm.de> wrote:
> Mathieu Malaterre wrote...
>> Since there has been some fuss about powerpc recently, let's see if I
>> can get some help on issue(s) I'd like to fix for Stretch.
> Let's see what I can do (and I'm subscribed to debian-powerpc now, so
> no need for Cc: in the future :)
>> 1. Secret GRUB option in d-i.
>> This is no suprise that we have a situation with yaboot in powerpc (in
>> particular partman-ext3 #825110). So I would like to finish the
>> initial work to have GRUB be an alternative on PowerMac (famous secret
>> option in d-i).
>> Who can help me finish:
>> - https://bugs.debian.org/610206 (I sent a patch but would appreciate
>> feedback) ?
>> - https://bugs.debian.org/691207 ?
>> - https://bugs.debian.org/691209 ?
> I'll give it a try.
>> 2. offb/ATY,RockHopper: inverts red and blue in bterm
>> I have not been able to make progress on
>> https://bugs.debian.org/825840. So if anyone is familar with
>> ioctl/FBIOPUTCMAP, I'd appreciate a little help here.
> I can confirm it's still there. Saw it when testing d-i for my recent
> report and was a bit confused. But isn't this rather some
> nice-to-have?

True. But keep in mind that this will be the very first screen users will see.

>> 3. radeonfb should be able to kick out offb
>> In case (2) above cannot be solved in time. We can also fix the color
>> inversion another way. Technically some PowerMac uses a radeon based
>> graphic card, so we could fix the radeonfb module issue so that it is
>> properly loaded during d-i.
>> So who can help me with:
>> https://bugs.debian.org/826629 ?
> Sorry, both my boxes are nvidia. Which causes a lot of trouble, too.
>     Christoph

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