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Re: jpeg-turbo 6.2 and ppc G3


Gabriel Paubert wrote:
That is garbage in my opinion, given there exists a proper interface
>for getting that info.
Seconded, getauxval (not getauxvec!) is simpler, officially supported
for a long time, and while the intent is not to modify the format of
/proc/cpuinfo in a way that would break existing uses, it is not set
in stone. For a start, the /proc/cpuinfo format does not scale well to
hundreds or thousands of cores/threads, and you could say the same of
other /proc files, like /proc/interrupts.

I wonder if you can have different cores? e.g. how is a Cell processor seen in cpuinfo? Just out of curiosity.

Anyway, I think the best of two worlds would be to use getauxval() when available (most probably any currently supported OS) and fall back to cpuinfo if not. A configure test I suppose is quite simple.


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