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POWER8-based Desktop machine

Just found on the web:

Talos™ is the world's first ATX workstation-class mainboard for the new,
open-source friendly IBM POWER8 processor and architecture. Raptor Engineering's
Talos™ Secure Workstation brings unparalleled performance, security, and user
control to the desktop. Designed for security-conscious, high performance users,
the highly flexible and extensible Talos™ Secure Workstation board includes two
CAPI slots, utilizes open-toolchain FPGAs, provides a plethora of PCI Express
slots, and includes a GPIO header, along with open schematics and fully open and
auditable firmware.

Why POWER? POWER is the only open, owner-controllable architecture that is
competitive in performance. No other architecture comes close to POWER's unique

For around $3,100 USD, security-minded individuals and corporations can own a
Talos™ Secure Workstation mainboard with an entry-level 8-core 130W POWER8 CPU,
heatsink / fan assembly, and ATX I/O shield. Furthermore, Talos™ is specifically
designed for workstation use, you don't need to have a small server under your
desk to use POWER8!


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