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Re: Xorg server

On 23.12.2015 04:49, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> Herminio Hernandez Jr. ha scritto:
>> Are you running Sid?
> yes, I do.
> I just installed legacy server and now I have X again.
> I really dislike certain choices debian and more generally most Linux
> distros are taking...

Let's clear up some FUD here:

systemd is only required for running Xorg as a non-root user, which is
desirable from a security POV.

Running Xorg as non-root is only possible using a KMS kernel driver. For
configurations which don't / can't use a KMS kernel driver (or systemd),
Xorg still needs to run as root, just as it always did before. That's
what the xserver-xorg-legacy package is for.

Now, the fact that the xserver-xorg-legacy package wasn't automatically
installed in this case may be a Debian packaging bug. Feel free to
report a bug against the xserver-xorg-video-mach64 package.

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