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Re: PowerPC notebooks

On Tue, Oct 06, 2015 at 10:12:21PM +0300, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> (CC'ing the founder of the project, Roberto )
> As I'm actually one of the people involved in my spare time in the
> project, the truth is in the middle. It can run little-endian code, but
> it does not have VSX, and its Altivec unit does not operate in little
> -endian mode, so without VSX it would make much software incompatible. So even if we could get it to run ppc64el on it, it would be sans
> -Altivec optimizations. The choice so far is to go for the ppc64 port
> in Debian.

Given you probably won't be running cuda cards in the laptop anyhow,
that probably won't cause any issues.

Len Sorensen

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