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Re: Debian 8.2 on Pegasos II G4 - Installation working, but no boot image in folder boot


I made now following steps:

1. Installing Debian 8.2 on /dev/sdb7 using ext4 and a boot on /dev/sda1 using ext3.

if I understand correctly: during install process, do you mount  /dev/sdb7 as "/" and /dev/sda1 as "/boot" ?


2. No mkvmlinuz  files in boot.

and after that no "vmlinuz" found on /boot? Strange...

What is advantage of this installation scheme  ?- I think, that pegasos 2 open firmware can boot from FFS or Ext2 partitions only, not from Ext3.

on my Peg, I reserve for linux one partition (ext4), mounted as /, and after installation I boot to Morphos, mount this ext4 partition, and copy /boot/vmlinuz.. to my FFS boot partition.

There is one disadvantage - every time you change the kernel (mkvmlinuz) you have to copy the new one to your boot partition.

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