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how to solve sound on powerbook g4/12''/debian jessie

Hello ,

can someone please indicate me a solution on how to fix the sound on the powerbook g4 1,5 ghz 12'' by apple. sound worked only with debian squeeze here; neither with wheeezy, nor with jessie. 

please help



Am 31.07.2015 um 17:21 schrieb Daniel Bast:


xfsprogs 3.2.4 fails to build on ppc64el, see log below or full build log https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=xfsprogs&arch=ppc64el&ver=3.2.4&stamp=1438318450
(xfsprogs 3.2.3 already failed with the same error)

What is the reason for this, libtool to old?

This potentially prevents the migration of the package to testing, which leaves CVE-2012-2150 open in testing on all arches.



== dpkg-buildpackage: configure
test -f debian/rules
AUTOHEADER=/bin/true dh_autoreconf
	find ! -ipath "./debian/*" -a ! \( -path '*/.git/*' -o -path '*/.hg/*' -o -path '*/.bzr/*' -o -path '*/.svn/*' -o -path '*/CVS/*' \) -a  -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > debian/autoreconf.before
	autoreconf -f -i
libtoolize: putting auxiliary files in AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, `.'.
libtoolize: copying file `./ltmain.sh'
libtoolize: putting macros in AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR, `m4'.
libtoolize: copying file `m4/libtool.m4'
libtoolize: copying file `m4/ltoptions.m4'
libtoolize: copying file `m4/ltsugar.m4'
libtoolize: copying file `m4/ltversion.m4'
libtoolize: copying file `m4/lt~obsolete.m4'
libtoolize: Consider adding `-I m4' to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS in Makefile.am.
	find ! -ipath "./debian/*" -a ! \( -path '*/.git/*' -o -path '*/.hg/*' -o -path '*/.bzr/*' -o -path '*/.svn/*' -o -path '*/CVS/*' \) -a  -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > debian/autoreconf.after
export DEBUG=-DNDEBUG DISTRIBUTION=debian INSTALL_USER=root INSTALL_GROUP=root LOCAL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--enable-readline=yes --enable-blkid=yes" ; /usr/bin/make include/platform_defs.h
make[1]: Entering directory '/«PKGBUILDDIR»'
./config.guess: unable to guess system type

This script, last modified 2012-02-10, has failed to recognize
the operating system you are using. It is advised that you
download the most up to date version of the config scripts from


If the version you run (./config.guess) is already up to date, please
send the following data and any information you think might be
pertinent to <config-patches@gnu.org> in order to provide the needed
information to handle your system.

config.guess timestamp = 2012-02-10

uname -m = ppc64le
uname -r = 3.16.0-4-powerpc64le
uname -s = Linux
uname -v = #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u2 (2015-07-17)

/usr/bin/uname -p = 
/bin/uname -X     = 

hostinfo               = 
/bin/universe          = 
/usr/bin/arch -k       = 
/bin/arch              = 
/usr/bin/oslevel       = 
/usr/convex/getsysinfo = 

UNAME_RELEASE = 3.16.0-4-powerpc64le
UNAME_VERSION = #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u2 (2015-07-17)
configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one
make[1]: *** [include/builddefs] Error 1
checking build system type... Makefile:89: recipe for target 'include/builddefs' failed
make[1]: Leaving directory '/«PKGBUILDDIR»'
make: *** [.census] Error 2
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2
debian/rules:36: recipe for target '.census' failed

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