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Re: Re: Debian 8 on Late 2005 G5, Graphics Issues

Hi Brock,

That's great news! Hopefully a few more people are willing to try this out.
I set the compiler flags to be tuned specifically for the Power 4 / PPC970 (G5) cpu's with altivec so its unlikely to be suitable for any other powerpc64 based machines.

Perhaps someone else with a PCIe GeForce 6600 / 7800 along with feedback from the AGP / PCI-X Powermac G5's would be great.

Yes, i have reported the issues to Debian kernel maintainers via the bugs noted earlier in the hope they might change the default kernel config or have an alternative pre-compiled deb package to workaround the nouveau bugs.

But really, the three items below need to be reported to the nouveau developers to properly fix. My job is keeping me pretty busy at the moment so if someone else has a moment to spare, please report to nouveau devs.

That note about the pagesizes on the nouveau website has been there for a long time... hopefully someone else can nicely ask someone over there if they can consider looking into a fix for this finally at minimum for pre nv50 generation nVidia gpu's as we really should be using the 64kB kernel pagesizes?

More worrying is that it seems in the new 4.0.0+ kernels, it seems they possibly have removed the support for reading out the nVidia DCB block from the FCODE rom, this is a worry as it used to work....

The MSI interrupt issue can be worked around as described earlier, this one isn't a dealbreaker but i think it may be something to get the nouveau developers to consider as this can affect other machines which have dodgy BIOS' and FCODE roms which have the msi flag set in pci config space but no address configured, surely this must be an invalid config....


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