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Re: Debian on iBook G4 Running OSX Tiger

If you are looking for debian install walk through for PPC then checkout these two places. 




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On Dec 29, 2014, at 7:21 AM, Joel Rees <joel.rees@gmail.com> wrote:

On Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 10:05 AM, Joel Roth <joelz@pobox.com> wrote:
Graham Todd wrote:
I have recently obtained a Mac iBook G4 running OSX Tiger, and after
very good experiences
using Debian on a Windows laptop, I tried to get my head round the
instructions without success, I wonder if some kind soul could give me
easy instructions on how to install it on a Mac iBook G4.

I found this:


Wow. That's old and not very informative.

The link on that page to the installation guide does get you more
up-to-date information, however:


Shoot. That has a lot of old information in it, too. And I think all
the people who could update it are busy or have left, or both (like

Still, take the hour or two to scan through that and note the stuff
that seems to be PPC specific. You won't understand the openfirmware
notes, I suppose, but read them anyway.


I dont have any Tiger installation disks

Well, that's no fun.

Does Tiger boot? Do you trust it not to have malware that would
install backdoors on Linux installation CDs?

If you use Mac OS to download and burn he install CDs, you need to be
careful how you do it.  The easy way to save an install imge to a CD
or DVD ends up just saving an install image to a CD or DVD. I think
you have similar problems on MSWindows systems.

I think my memory tells me that you can right-click the image file and
get a menu that inlcudes the option to burn the image to disk. Or
select the image file and look in the menu bar menus for an entry that
says it will burn the image to disk. I think there's one other way,
but it's not coming to me, and, frankly, I'm demotivated to try
installing Jessie on my one remaining functional PPC Mac to remind
myself how.

I think you can burn the install CD on a Linux system without too much
fuss. CDs are cheap enough, give it a try.

and I'm not sure if any
specific versions of Debian are required.

No. Any version that includes PPC should fly. I've done it with wheezy
and squeeze.

I intent to partition the
hard drive for Debian only.

That eases things up a bit.

Can this be done

Of course.

and can easily understood instructions be referred to
to help me?

Don't think too hard about it, for starters.

Now that you've read the stuff on the debian site tell yourself it's
mostly old information. If you can get the network install image
burned on a CD properly, boot it with the magic keys.

(What were those? oh, yeah, according to my ancient blog post about
doing this with Fedora on a clamshell, it's just holding the "C" key
down while the machine boots with the install CD in the CD drive. If
you are interested, that post is here:


It may explain some things, may confuse you with unnecesary information.)

Once the installer is booted, just answer the questions. Since you
don't want to dual-boot, you really shouldn't have to pay too much
attention to things. Don't worry that it seems to need one or two more
partitions than it should, you won't run short of partitions. Don't
worry about openfirmware, the way they have it set up to relay through
the partitions should make booting automatic.

Oh, there is a PowerPC list for debian. I'll cross-post this to it, to
save you some trouble finding it.

And have fun.


<b>Graham Todd</b>
Joel Roth

Joel Rees

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