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Re: Fan Control on G5 iMac

On 12/20/2014 04:56 PM, Kristen R wrote:
> List,
> I recently installed Debian on a G5 iMac I just acquired. Everything
> went smoothly and I did have a login screen the first time without any X
> config settings. Thank you all for your wonderful work.
> My question is about fan control. When I boot into Debian the fans run
> full speed. I can't seem to find a package which needs to be installed
> to control the fans. Is there such a package?
> Kristen

Perhaps my fans are working after all. They run higher then under OS X,
but I guess not full out. I have been using programs (sensor-detect) in
an attempt to find the processor temperature and in doing so locked up
the computer. Then the fans really came on.

Thank you for your ideas


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