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Re: c++0x, SDL, std::vector problem on ppc64el


Quoting Johannes Schauer (2014-11-22 21:56:14)
> I'm trying to solve the build failure of my package vcmi on ppc64el:

Thanks to the help of Erik in #debianppc I was able to find out that this
problem only happens with c++ and not with clang++. Thus I now filed bug
#770670 against g++. In addition to this finding, I also found out that the

	std::vector<int> foo

gets turned into:

	std::__attribute__((altivec(vector__)))<int> foo

by the preprocessor but only if using g++ and only on ppc64el and only if using
-std=c++0x. This also explains the error message I got:

    test.cc:4:6: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘__attribute__’
     std::vector<int> foo;

Maybe this helps?

cheers, josch

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