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Re: No more OpenGL with ATI R300 after upgrading to Debian testing

Just for info: I use the unofficial Mesa on Debian Sid and Lubuntu 14.10 PowerPC.

Screenshot: http://www.supertuxkart-amiga.de/amiga/Lubuntu_14.10_kernel_3.17-RC3_A1-X1000_Mesa_unofficial.jpg

-- Christian

On 31/10/14 4:58 PM, Adi Kriegisch wrote:

Same here; there is a debian bug entry too[1] and there are some patches
with rather crude fixes somewhere in the discussion list[2] linked from the
freedesktop bugtracker.
Seems that this problem is not only with r300, but with nouveau also.
Hmmm... so any Desktop on commodity hardware is barely usable on ppc, then?
Without acceleration even moving simple windows is unbearably slow and
btw. do you also experience issues with iceweasel (and icedove)[3]?
Same here.
D'oh. The freeze is close; do you think there is anything we can do to get
these bugs fixed or mitigated for ppc?
Even if the mesa patches are ugly or the wrong way of doing things: the
real solution is at least half a year away upstream which means it will not
make it into Jessie. The iceweasel and icedove issue seems to be a correct
solution; I tagged the bug 'patch'. Is there anything else we could do, as
the freeze is aproaching? (And playing severity and panic games in the bts
isn't a solution either. This already blocks eg. openvpn-2.3.4 which would
be of great benefit due to its support for protocol levels > TLS1.0).

-- Adi

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