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Re: No more OpenGL with ATI R300 after upgrading to Debian testing


> Thanks for the pointer. I tried to download all the source
> code and recompile from the instructions found at:
> http://www.x.org/wiki/Building_the_X_Window_System/
> I attempted the full modular build and it breaks along the way 
> at xdm because of missing includes (and it's slow, purely serial
> build these days?). 
Actually, I'd rather use the debian packages; building on top of those is
way easier, because someone already did the hard work...
mkdir mesa-build ; cd mesa-build
apt-get source mesa
(copy patches to debian/patches and add them to series)
dch -l r300ppc (for a local revision)
and dpkg-buildpackage (probably with -b only).

-- Adi 

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