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Re: FTBFS on powerpc/ppc64el

* Daniel Lintott <daniel@serverb.co.uk> [141020 12:38]:
> Okay.. that points me in the direction of the the
> common/dynamips_common.h line 83 [1].
> > #ifndef _unused
> > /* Function that is never used */
> > #define _unused  __attribute__((unused))
> > #endif
> Any ideas on where to go from here?


I think that you can patch utils.h (and possibly other dynamips
headers) so that it includes "dynamips_common.h" only after loading
system includes (not tested). That way "_unused" will be undefined at
the time sigcontext.h is included.

(Though it is also quite bad that "_unused" is in global scope in the
first place IMHO.)

Etienne Millon

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