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Re: Bug#761040: [libqtwebkit4] Browsers based on Webkit crash on loading pages

On Wednesday 08 October 2014 12:16:52 Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On 07.10.2014 21:44, Lisandro =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Dami=E1n_Nicanor_P=E9rez?=
> Meyer wrote:
> > In powerpc: do you get a SIGBUS or SIGSERV for unaligned access?
> No, neither.
> > Can anyone check is arora suffers from the same bug on ppc?
> arora crashes in libQt5WebKit.so.5 for me on startup, not sure it's the
> same bug though.

Can you get a backtrace of that? Better after installing libqt5webkit5-dbg 
(which might be big). If this happens to be the same bug it will make things 

Porters: is there any ppc virtual machine I can link upstream too?

Once again, thanks a lot!

You know it's love when you memorize her IP number to skip DNS overhead.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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