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Problems with strace and gprof in ppc64le


I've been using debian for ppc64le for a while and I stumbled across some issues.

The first one is strace, when I call

strace ls

It just segfaults.

The second one is gprof, if I build a hello world app like this:

vitor@debian-le-1-2:~/microbenchmarks/gcc/microbenchmarks# gcc -pg hello.c -o hello
vitor@debian-le-1-2:~/microbenchmarks/gcc/microbenchmarks# ./hello
monstartup: out of memory
Hello world
vitor@debian-le-1-2:~/microbenchmarks/gcc/microbenchmarks# gprof hello
gmon.out: No such file or directory

It does not work as expected.


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