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ppc64el status


I would like to report the latest status of the ppc64el port on Debian.

A lot of patches were sent to Debian and already integrated into the
packages to support ppc64el. We have an internal buildd machine that were
able to build around 8K source packages from source (without any
additional patch), including the main packages as kernel, eglibc, gcc and

The list of already builded packages could be found at


We stil have around 500 packages that are not buildable on ppc64el and
we are working on them at the moment. They are:


And, the rest of the packages (around 2k) are still depending on other
packages (Build uninstallable).  They are: 


Other than that, we have a ppc64el machine (porterbox) into the debian
infrastructure. https://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=pastel

Now we are working to enable the missing components (as grub,
debian-installer and others), and donate a full machine to the DSA.


Breno Leitão
Linux Technology Center
Phone: +55 16 98115-3915

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