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Re: xorg / ati / artefacts in character display


Michel Dänzer wrote:
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=xorg  , component
>>  Driver/mach64. But AFAIK nobody's actively working on that driver
>>  anymore, so for the time being you probably need to work around it by
>>  disabling RENDER acceleration with this option in the xorg.conf Section
>>  "Device":
>>       Option "EXANoComposite"
>  I did a "NoAccel" "true", I think this should disable everything, am I
>  right?
Why did you do that instead of what I suggested?

If you don't want any hardware acceleration, it's probably better to use
the fbdev driver instead of the mach64 driver.
Sorry - I thought of going to the extreme, disabling everything and see what happens.

I tried also just to set EXANoComposite and now it seems to work, at least menus are readable and I can use the machine a bit more and test it further. Even plain 2D performance isn't that great with some flickering, but.... it works It proves the driver is quite buggy.

iBook unbricked! Expect now further PPC testing and, I fear, further PPC bugs.


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