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Re: Jessie PowerPC installer doesn't see USB keyboard on PowerPC Mac machines


I originally reported this back in November.

After a while, it went away for me.  Downloading the latest (about January time-frame) "netinst" image worked fine -- both Jessie and Wheezy.  I haven't tried it recently, though.

Possibly a regression?


PS: Jessie on a powerpc64 (Apple MacPro dual G5) crashes randomly upon attempting to reboot.
Anybody else noticing this?

On Jun 6, 2014, at 10:24 AM, Tiziano CERETTO <tiziano.ceretto@tsc-informatica.it> wrote:

> I have the same problem now with weezy powerpc net installer on iMag g4 (the sunflower) 800Mhz...
> Do you or anyone solved it??
> Excesu me for my English i am italian
> Thanks

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