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Re: [m68k] preparing for GCC 4.9

(excluding d-release for what they hatingly call “debian-ports spam”)

Matthias Klose dixit:

>I would like to see some partial test rebuilds (like buildd or minimal chroot

Haven’t tried yet, but Helmut Grohne does automated rebootstrapping of
some ports using what he can get his hands on, and he said m68k was the
best-(cross)bootstrappable port, and was using gcc-4.9 for it, so there
are probably at least no ICEs.

If Helmut can publish the *.deb files that fall out of such a (cross)
rebootstrap, we could try debootstrapping (natively, in ARAnyM) from
them, then boot (a VM) into them, to check basic usage.

This sounds pretty few work.

Other than that… we’ve built src:gcc-4.9 now, which means that at least
the C/C-- part survives the three-stage bootstrap AFAICT.

>packages) for other architectures. Any possibility to setup such a test rebuild
>for some architectures by the porters? Afaics the results for the GCC testsuite
>look okish for every architecture.

… that runs it. I have no idea how to set up such a test rebuild
setup, but we have somewhat clonable VMs (and a VM base image that
“just” needs to be dist-upgraded to latest sid before using it),
so “anybody” can do that for m68k (provided they install the aranym
package from sid, as it contains FPU emulation bugfixes required by
Python 3.5 at least).

Also, I’d be interested in a way to run GCC’s testsuite against an
installed compiler, i.e. without taking the five days needed for the
bootstrap (plus adding dejagnu and removing disabling the testsuite
from the package rules) again.

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