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Re: How to get installer to align partitions on 4096 byte boundaries?

On Mon, 05 May 2014, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Bottom line: It doesn't align to 1MiB boundaries. It doesn't even align to 4KiB boundaries.
> I think we can do better than that!

AFAIK, we do for i686 and amd64, unless it somehow got broken since wheezy.

lvm, md-raid/mdadm, mke2fs and mkfs.xfs were tested to align automatically
by default in Wheezy.  cfisk, fdisk and gdisk were also tested to align
properly by default in Wheezy.

parted is complicated.  It depends on what you tell it to do, and it is easy
to get it wrong.  The version in wheezy will align properly by default, but
I believe you must tell it to start a partition at "0%", not "0".  It will
cheerfully warn you it is doing something stupid, though, so it is just a
matter of looking at the debugging console of the installer.

I am not sure how throughoutly the automatic partitioning of the i686/amd64
wheezy installer was tested, but it did align everything correctly for the
common usecases.

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