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Re: Problems with X11 on Ultra10

On 03/05/14 03:39 PM, Sad Clouds wrote:
> Hello, I'm new to Debian and trying it out on Ultra10 which has 
> Creator3D framebuffer.
> I installed Debian stable and seem to be having some issues with
> X11 or display manager. The system boots OK and I can see boot
> messages, but when it goes to start display manager the screen goes
> black and nothing happens. No windows, no mouse cursor, nothing.
> Any ideas?

Might as well ask about the obvious right away, do you have your
monitor hooked up to the onboard video in the bottom left corner
(facing the back), or to the 13W3 video connector on the Creator3D?
What could be happening is X11 picked the wrong card by default and is
only showing it on the opposite connector. If you have a second
monitor try hooking one up to the 13W3 and one to the VGA connector.

Hayden K.

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