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Re: Bug#713943: Lack of i2c_powermac module may be the cause

David Gosselin wrote:

> Are you testing on a PowerMac G5 7,3?  Should be in /proc/cpuinfo.
> I have a 7,3 model and cannot load the windfarm driver.  It appears
> that the hardware on the 7,3 is not supported.  I’ve been working to
> update the therm_pm72 driver to use the probe interface instead of the
> attach_adapter interface.  Maybe you’re hitting this issue?

Nope, seems to be 11,2:

    platform        : PowerMac
    model           : PowerMac11,2
    machine         : PowerMac11,2
    motherboard     : PowerMac11,2 MacRISC4 Power Macintosh 
    detected as     : 337 (PowerMac G5 Dual Core)

Erik de Castro Lopo

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