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Re: How to make a custom installer CD/DVD/BD/USB-stick?

[ Just seen this thread, apologies for delayed responses ]

On Fri, Jul 05, 2013 at 11:40:54PM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:
>On Jul 5, 2013, at 1:25 PM, Brian wrote:
>>Well wouldn't documentation for Jigdo template be in Jigdo package?
>The jigdo template is a lot lower level than I was hoping for.  It's
>kinda like the object code, where I'm looking for the high-level
>language source code and a compiler to produce the object code from


>It's theoretically possible to edit the jigdo template, and all the
>binary parts it contains, just as it's theoretically possible to edit
>the java byte-code for a subroutine that almost does what you want --
>but it's much more convenient (and comprehensible) to edit the java
>source code.  What I'm hoping for is that there's something like a
>compiler that takes a human understandable specification, in the form
>of list of packages and other configurable components of an installer
>CD/DVD/BD/etc, and outputs a jigdo template (or such) that implements
>that specification.
>I'm hoping that's exactly what simple-cdd is.

simple-cdd is meant to do that kind of thing AFAIK, yes.
Alternatively, debian-cd is the core package that we use for creating
the main Debian images. It's very flexible and (sorry!) not
particularly well documented...

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