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Ibook G4 wake up from suspend through timer

Dear all,

Many thanks for all the work that you all do on Debian.  I have a question that I'm unable to find the answer for.  

I have recently received an Ibook G4 from a friend. I plan to use it as a server and have installed Debian Wheezy (7.0.0, release version) on it. However, I would like to suspend it at some points and wake it up - either after a specified time period or when the power cable is plugged in.

As per the documentation for pbbuttonsd, which seems to be slightly more powerful and up to date than pmud, there is in fact an option in the Power Management Unit on these computers that will wake them up using a timer. However, the pbbuttonsd manpage simply says "[These] wake up options are not foreseen by the kernel at this time." Since that documentation dates from 2007, I hope that this is no longer true.

Trying out the standard rtcwake command gives me an error, saying there is no wakeup option in the /sys directory.

Is there any way to wake up this computer on the basis of a timer / when it is plugged in?

Many thanks,

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